Kerala Development Model - A new perspective
Sherin Chacko
Is there really something as the Kerala Development Model? Now this is a topic that has been much debated upon and till date there has been no unanimous conclusion to it. It has been agreed far and wide that Kerala's ....
Think before you click
Archana Sudheer-Gayen
The past few weeks have been crazy, with regard to the news. From the ongoing Lok Sabha elections to the ravaging war in neighbouring Sri Lanka. Not to forget the swine flu, of course, a term most of us talk
Towards Climate Justice
Manu Sankar
Global Climate change and its potentially disastrous consequences pose an unprecedented challenge for humanity today. It is intricately linked to the socio-economic issues faced in the world, with poverty being the major one.
Case as Text in Class: Business School pedagogy
Dr. Radhakrishnan Nair
Case is, now, the subject and predicate of a class module in a business school class room.It is predicate also as whatever that happens in a class is about the subject and about nothing else.
On The Road to Confusion
Archana Sudheer-Gayen
Driving around any city in India is a pain, especially small ones where population explosion rules the roost. Once known as a quiet city and loved for its weather, Pune is one such city that has fallen prey to overcrowding
Transcending Identities and Its Tacit effects: Part I
Abin Thomas
On 10th July, The Economic Times wrote about Nandan Nilekani's parting from Infosys. It was as follows: At 4 pm on Thursday, computers fell silent at the steel & glass Electronic City campus of Infosys Technologies
Women Empowerment: A Myth?
Archana Sudheer-Gayen
The headline 'Sudanese reporter to get 40 lashes for wearing jeans' caught my attention as I scanned the newspaper during morning tea. This cannot be true, my initial reaction was. Sadly, it is.
Transcending Identities and Its Tacit effects: Part II
Abin Thomas
To delve deeply on the issue of identity in modern times, some examples from recent and contemporary times are used like:
Where Have All the Children Gone?
Archana Sudheer-Gayen
The shocking saga of Jaycee Lee Dugard, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, who was abducted in broad daylight
Transcending Identities and Its Tacit effects: Part III
Abin Thomas
Australia and India faced some tough times in their diplomatic and bilateral relations when both countries suffered hugely from the racial attacks on Indian students.
Developing "New Generation" Teachers
Shahnaz Iqbal
Teaching is an art and is considered as an important virtue according to traditional Indian culture. Socrates gives us a basic insight into the nature of teaching
Agricultural Land Conversions: Issues of Justice and Economics - Part I
Sreeja Chandran
Land is an important productive asset subject to various uses. Among the different uses of land agriculture is the most important one.
Developing "New Generation" Teachers
Shahnaz Iqbal
The issues faced by the academic technologists are the complex interdependencies between teachers and the academic institutions
Agricultural Land Conversions: Issues of Justice and Economics: Part II
Sreeja Chandran
All these seek government intervention either in terms of legislation, subsidy or other assistance which would be mainly financial in nature and it is naturally expected
Judicial Legislation: Will The Confusion End?
Parijata Bharadwaj
Under the Indian Constitution the doctrine of separation of powers has not been rigidly stated as in the constitution of the United States or Australia.
India's Constraints
Gordon Feller
India's constraints in infrastructure are obvious to first-time visitors or long-term residents. The problems of clogged airports, poor roads, inadequate power, delays in ports have been well-recognised
Climate Change - What are you going to do about it?
Archana Sudheer-Gayen
Pune's climate has become real unstable. In lay terms, it simply means that you never know when it's going to be hot and when you might freeze. You venture out on a blistering day and soon
Hellenes Should Rule Over Barbarians
Sumy P Baby
The billions living in India are governed by 544 representatives in the Lok Sabha, 250 in the Rajya Sabha and around 3,000 state legislative assembly members. Is this fact irking?
Bhopal Verdict: A Case of Judicial Overreach
Jithin Paul Varghese
The Bhopal Gas Tragedy or 'Bhoposhima' as Justice Krishna Iyer named it is the worst industrial disaster our planet has ever witnessed.
In Aurangzeb's Steps
Madhu S
Aurangabad has an aura of its own. Travelling thought the city you can feel the cultural impulse reminiscent of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. In spite of all he did wrong, he made the city into a flourishing one.
Let's Share an Auto
Shahnaz Iqbal
I once had to wait in the rain for a long time to catch an autorickshaw to reach home. There were a just a few autos at the stand, hounded by a mob of people.
Playing Gender Politics
Madhu S
Is politics a 'game men play'? A big NO, especially when it pertains to Delhi University elections, which has fielded colour-clad girls.
The Whistleblowers' Bill: A Disappointment
Jithin Paul Varghese
The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs has finally brought to the public domain the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection to Persons Making the Disclosures Bill, 2010.
Democratizing Campuses in India
Madhu S
Democracy is the cornerstone of a developed country. In a world where one in every four persons is a youth, every democratic system needs to absorb the aspirations of this vibrant group.
1, 2, 3...School
Shahnaz Iqbal
We live in an age when everything is ranked on the basis of quality. However, there is one vital institution in India that has not been graded so far -- schools.
Codifying Maritime Laws in India
Jithin Paul Varghese
The growth of the maritime sector in India over the past decade has been phenomenal, and as per industry sources, the trend will continue in the coming years as well.
Commercial Divisions in High Courts: An Analysis
Jithin Paul Varghese
The Commercial Division of High Courts Bill, 2009, which seeks to introduce specialised divisions in High Courts to deal with disputes in a speedy manner, has initiated a new debate.
The China Story
Mukund P Unny
China, an economy which till a couple of decades ago was nowhere in the world economic arena, has now emerged as a global leader. The growth of China has been nothing less than spectacular.
Slum Tourism
Gincy Susan Jose
Slum tourism is an emerging industry in India. Most of are familiar with the word 'tourism', but 'slum tourism' or 'poorism' is a new subject.
Full Stop to the Past
Renjini Rajagopalan
When you do a course on human rights, you reconcile yourself to eventually coming across a lot of disturbing material - genocide and war crimes, torture, rape and other forms of sexual exploitation, FGM.
Learning Like Bruce
Shraddha Vinod
Moulding the learner to find a lesson in everything he/she does and applying that lesson to earn more opportunities - that's education. But in India, we are still shackled to several archaic 'lessons'.
A Countrywide Odyssey
Jithin Paul Varghese
Tata Jagrithi Yatra 2010 was a one-of-its-kind train journey, wherein 400 yatris, selected from among 20,000 applicants across India, were taken on an 18-day journey across 9,000 kilometres and 12 destinations.
A Critical Take on the Binayak Sen Judgement
Mukund P Unny
The recent conviction of Binayak Sen on grounds of conspiracy to commit sedition and subsequent award of life sentence by a Raipur Sessions Court has raised many eyebrows, mainly due to the fact that it was flawed.
Riots in Egypt about Food and Jobs, not about 'Freedom' and 'Democracy'
Sam Vaknin
In the wake of the Great Recession of 2008-9, riots erupted all over the world, from Thailand to the Ivory Coast and from Yemen to Albania.
Art in Times of Violence
Raja Jaikrishan
To make an artistic intervention in a situation made critical by politicians is hard. It is more so in the Kashmir Valley where performers have gone into hiding and painters are scared to dip their brushes in paint.
A Message from the Tsunami
Tanveer Jafri
Nature's fury was at work once again on March 11, when a powerful earthquake of 9 magnitude hit North-eastern Japan, triggering gigantic tsunami waves.
Why Hazare is Not the Best Thing to Happen to the Anti-Corruption Bill
Shashank Shekhar Rai
Although the pandemonium surrounding the Jan Lokpal Bill has settled, the talks have moved indoors and some form of normalcy has returned to the state of play, a lot of questions have been left unanswered.
Food Security in India
Sampath Simon
Food security is one question that has been looming large over and above our heads for a long time now, and it gains more momentum and significance as time passes by.
Time to stop ridicule of the public transport system
D Dhanuraj
The public transport system in Indian cities has been a bone of contention for sometime now. With the introduction of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, urban mobility has made vigorous headlines.
Innovation - a new paradigm in growth for India
Sampath Simon
Economic growth is a concept that is dealt with in detail in economic theory. Numerous theories have been put forward by many eminent economists for different types of economies.
Time to redefine MNREGA
Ambili Thomas
The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is the UPA government's flagship programme, which is believed to have taken the government to its second term.
Cashing in on Sins
Marita Abraham
It seems alcoholism is inherent in us Malayalis, for no matter how much it costs, we are still India's biggest consumers of alcohol. The sales tax alone on Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) is 100 per cent.
Critique on Food Security Bill
D Dhanuraj
India does possess a decent production of food grains to serve her population. But the leakage, corruption and lack of infrastructure have resulted in wastage of food grains while poor starves.
The 'Alcohol' Debate Continues...
Neha Kurian
Alcohol abuse, consumption, ban… amusing that this has become one of the most talked about topics in our state today whether to condemn or to glorify!
Bhumika Sharma
Prior to World War II, there was a near consensus among mental health professionals, human sexuality researchers, theologians and others that homosexuality was a mental disorder
Applying New Urbanism principles in urban planning of Kochi City Region
Chikku Abraham
What makes a city? Is it the infrastructural giganticness? Is it the cosmopolitan culture which springs up in a city? What is city life? Whether it is only a lifestyle which can be practiced even in rural areas also?
Let surprises live, not certainty of complacency
Abin Thomas
Can history ever move backwards? Can it be called the trajectory of progress into “the civilized violence”? It is a polemic to start with.
The Kochi Metro-The Commuter's Perspective
Neha Miriam Kurian
A Metro rail is being mooted as the solution to congestion on the roads as well as pollution in Kochi. However there are doubts arising as to the utility of a metro- especially in Kochi, to be able to solve traffic issues


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