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Non- Motorized Transportation Policy: A Study in Cochin City with special focus on Bicycles
Sheetal Byshie
Like many other countries, India also has policies on transportation. To be specific, the Public Works Department has formulated a Road Policy for the Kerala State in the year 2006. There are 70 statements in the policy.
Is Education a prerequisite for Democracy? Part I
Madhu S
The process of Democracy has its foundations on the people as manifestly predicated by Abraham Lincoln. The process of Democratization transcended boundaries after the aftermath of the two World Wars and raised
Is Education a Prerequisite for Democracy Part II
Madhu S
The Right to Education is a Fundamental right which stems from the duty upon a welfare state to educate people of a democratic society, for making them as an essential component of Democracy.
Commercial Tax Reforms and Fiscal Crisis in Kerala Part I
Dr. K. K. John
India is a quasi-federal country with the Union Government at the centre with elastic sources of revenue and inelastic functions and state governments with inelastic sources of revenue and elastic functions.
Commercial Tax Reforms and Fiscal Crisis in Kerala : Part II
Dr. K K John
The possibility of introducing VAT in India was first studied by L.K. Jha Committee on Indirect Taxation in 1978 and by Taxation Reforms Committee headed by Raja J. Chellaya in 1992.
Is Education a prerequisite for Democracy?: Part III
Madhu S
The working of a Democratic State should be seen in the light of the extent of its functionary's functions in an intelligible manner.
Parking Management Practices
Prashant Jena
Urbanization is a reality and is happening at a fast pace. Currently 50% of the world population is living in the cities and by another two decades two third of the world population would be living in the cities.
ADR Impact Assessment Series
Madhu S
Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) are a mechanism aimed at settling disputes out of court. Through the various modes like Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation and Negotiation,
Acclerating The Shift Toward Innovative Cities
Gordon Feller
The principles of innovative urban design are, for the most part, already "on the shelf."
A Possible Solution to Garbage Disposal Issues
Nabilah Haniph
The problem with garbage is that it's a sum zero game. Garbage has to go somewhere but nobody wants it in their backyard. It's as if trash is deposited in the garbage can and
Asia's Rising Middle Class - Part I
Gordon Feller
The emergence of a large and dynamic middle class raises Asia's profile as an attractive market destination for products ranging from consumer goods to financial services.
Health Care System in Orissa and Its Need for a Paradigm Shift - Part I
Prasant Jena
About a half of the autochthonous people of the world with about 635 tribal groups and subgroups including 75 primitive tribes live in India.
Asia's Rising Middle Class: Part II
Gordon Feller
Numerous studies have demonstrated that as income increases, a smaller percentage of it is spent on necessities such as food and more is spent on optional items.
Health Care System in Orissa and Its Need for a Paradigm Shift: Part II
Prasant Jena
The government should have realized this fact and changed its strategy and health policies accordingly.
Asia's Rising Middle Class - Part III
Gordon Feller
According to various dictionaries, a middle class means "a class of people intermediate between the classes of higher and lower social rank or standing; the social, economic, cultural class, having approximately
Mending Pendency
Madhu S
"Justice Delayed is justice denied" is an oft repeated sentence. The towering Supreme Court, judges, lawmakers, legal luminaries etc
Creating a Pedestrian Friendly Road
Rekha J
Most of our city planners and officials often say, that we need to "strike a balance" between motorists and pedestrians. However, when put to practice, most of the policies are oriented towards motorists.
Mining And Sustainable Development: The Human and Organisational Aspects
Shiraz Iqbal
The Niyamgiri hills in north eastern Orissa is one of the last bastions of animism (tribes that believe everything in creation is imbued with a unique spirit;
To Eat or Not to Eat (PART I)
Pradipti Jayaram
Over the quandary of whether to eat or not to eat, the 'king' consumer stands utterly baffled. Demystifying the 'myth' of organic and what lies behind genetics is the most urgent need of the hour.
To Eat or Not to Eat (PART II)
Pradipti Jayaram
What do I eat? What exactly are genetically modified foods? Is organic better? Over the quandary of whether to eat or not to eat, the 'king' consumer stands utterly baffled.
Tale of Indian Paper Notes
Shahnaz Iqbal
Have you ever wondered how many Indian currency notes are printed every year? Did you know that the security paper for the rupee is imported?
Kochi's Burgeoning Parking Woes
Zeenab Aneez
The only thing more frustrating than driving on MG Road in Kochi during peak traffic hours is reaching your destination only to find all the parking spaces occupied.
Eco Tax and the Indian Scenario
Gincy Susan Jose
Increasing population growth in the past few decades has radically impacted the ecology. The extensive use of scarce natural resources and increasing pollution levels has lead to huge greenhouse gases emissions (GHG).
Rules on E-waste Management: An Analysis
Bernard Galea
E-waste, or electronic waste, as its name suggests, comprises mainly of discarded electronic products. A major problem lies it its disposal.
LPO: Promises and Concerns
Sumy Baby
LPO is not just hype, but a sure reality. There are around 140 firms in India that are currently engaged in this business. It's a game-changer of the highest order.
Pil'L'ing on to Life
Sukanya Garg
According to the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception, 80 million unplanned pregnancies occur annually and 19 million women suffer from unsafe abortions.
Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Indian economy
Gincy Susan Jose
India is one of the most populated countries in the world, and it is estimated that about 2.27 million people currently live with HIV/AIDS in the country.
Health Infrastructure in India
D Dhanuraj
Lack of infrastructure development in housing, waste management, slum rehabilitation, and drinking water has had a definite impact on the overall health index of cities.
Vodafone Tax case - A Case Study for Investments in India
Madhu S
India Inc has been surging ahead audaciously with the support of its Information Technology developments with its repertoire of resources.
The M/s. Daiichi Sankyo Company Ltd. v Jayaram Chigurupati & Ors case: A critique
Prasanth V G
Not more than half a dozen reported decisions from the Supreme Court of India have been on the Takeover Code.
Legal Profession: Search for Fresh Moorings
Prof (Dr) N R Madhava Menon
Over 80,000 law graduates pass out every year from the country's 965 law schools. Though the majority of them enroll with different Bar Councils, not even half that number take up litigation in courts.
Restitution of Conjugal Rights: Still a Remedy?
Sumy P Baby
Restitution of Conjugal Rights is a remedy provided for Hindus under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1961, for Christian and others under Section 32 of the Indian Divorce Act and for Muslim under their personal laws.
Sukanya Garg
Among the many avenues of employment that engage people, prostitution is another such avenue and the people employed in the profession are entitled to an equally respectable place in society.
Urban Mobility of Kerala
D Dhanuraj
Urban Kerala is not a recent phenomenon, but a heavily contested argument in the theoretical circles of practitioners.
Qaddafi's departure is not easy
Tanveer Jafri
After the fall of Tunisia and Egypt, it seemed that the Libyan strongman Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, faced with huge public anger, will soon be forced to step down.
Shaping the Future of India
To take India, Indian enterprises and the Indian economy to the top of the global ladder. One sixth of humanity lives in India.
GDP and Alternative Measures of Welfare
Harnita Ramamurthy
Economists are interested in finding ways to improve humanity and they rely on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of welfare. The GDP can be used to calculate tax revenues and productivity.
Islamic Banking Declared Secular; What Next?
Jithin Paul Varghese
A recent decision by a division bench of the Kerala High Court in the Dr Subramanian Swamy v. State of Kerala pronouncing Islamic Banking as secular and, thereby, legal has triggered debates throughout the country.
Should India Ban Endosulfan?
Gincy Susan Jose
Kasargod district in north Kerala has lots to tell about the cruelty of pesticide Endosulfan, which has supposedly inflicted on thousands severe neurological and congenital deformities.
The Hijra and Kothi Movement; a struggle for respect
Prathima R Appaji
There has always been discrimination against the sexually deviant. 'Transgender' is an umbrella term to describe people who do not conform to traditional notions of gender identity, appearance and expression.
Aadhaar: Where It Goes Wrong
Ann Raymond
On September 29, 2010, Ranjana Sonawne of the Tembhli village in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra went down in the history books as one of the first recipients of 'Aadhaar'.
Women's Health in India
Rohini Abraham
The health of a nation is often reflected in the health and status of women in that nation. Due to a variety of factors, women's health in India is neglected, not only by her family, but by the woman herself.
Kochi Metro and Public Policy Making
D Dhanuraj
Kochi Metro project looks like a misstep to me. Media hyped and politicians dragged their feet.
NATIONAL SPORTS BILL - A real game changer?
India is a country where the word sport is often synonymous with cricket. No sport other than cricket has given India more laurels in the recent past.
Urbanising Kerala - Revisiting Governance for a better Metro Kerala
D Dhanuraj
Urbanisation is not a bane but a boon. It is because of urbanisation (the Kerala way), that we have seen a positive economic growth.
Reforming Maritime Laws in India
Jithin Paul Varghese
The primary question was whether the marines accused of murder, be tried in Indian Courts as per Indian law, or whether Italian law be applicable being the law of flag state..?
Time to Reveal
Dinsa Sachan
Want to know how funds under the rural job guarantee scheme were used in a remote district of Rajasthan or Gujarat, or looking for information on various subsidy schemes?
Madhu S
The article analyses the importance of youth in furthering the democratic process of India. It highlights the need for youth representation and emphasizes the role played by civil society in cultivating young thought leaders.
Para transit system in India- A case study of Chennai
Madhu S
Para transit systems across the world catered to different segments of the population and have been considered an informal means of transit.
Vocational Training in India
Madhu S
There are currently 2133 government run Indian Technical Institutes or commonly referred to as ITI’s in India with can accommodate 432006 students (DGET, 2010).
Same Old Centralized Planning
B.Chandrasekharan, an economist working in the arena of public policy delves into the Planning process of India from a liberal angle.
French Intervention in Mali: Emerging trends in France's Africa policy!
Chacko Philip
The Article provides insights on the French intervention in Mali. According to the author, France has been very strategic in fighting against Islamic fundamentalists in Mali
Social Stock Exchange: A Market Oriented Technology Based Solution for Impact Investment
Rose Mary K Abraham
This paper explores the possibility of setting up a social stock exchange (SSE) in India for raising funds for political or social causes in a transparent manner.


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